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to is your source for Clear Cellophane Resealable Greeting Card Envelopes, Clear Resealable Art and Photograph Protectors, Clear Cellophane Greeting Card Sleeves and Jackets, and Clear Cellophane Open End Protectors.

We’re also your source for Clear Top Boxes so you can create beautiful multi-pack greeting card packaging.

Don’t forget that has one of the largest selections of Clear Acrylic Store Displays and Wire Displays.  We have a great selection of Clear Acrylic Counter Displays, Clear Acrylic Counter Top Spinner Displays, Clear Acrylic Floor Spinner Displays, Clear Acrylic Slatwall Displays, Clear Acrylic Wall Mount Displays,
 and Clear Acrylic Print Holders.

If you don’t see a rack that fits your needs please email or call us.
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FineArt Signs offers complete sign service, including design services.
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When you put your heart into your art, you want to know it will last; you want to know it’s presented in the most appealing manner possible; and you want to know your work is protected! We’re your source for the finest Acid Free, FDA / USDA Approved, and USPS Approved Clear Protectors and Packaging and Acrylic and Wire Display Systems for your products.

FineArt-World is a place for the Artist, Photographer, Collector, Enthusiast, and Admirer of Fine Art as well as those who want to try their own hand at creating Fine Art and Fine Photographic Art.  If you appreciate Fine Art, Fine Photographic Art, Fine Photographic Greeting Cards - You're in the right place.

For the Retailer:
FineArt-World offers Wholesale Pricing for all the Protectors, Packaging, and Display Systems

FineArt-World provides the finest Greeting Card Packaging, Fine Art Packaging, Photo Packaging, Plastic Packaging, Clear Resealable Protectors, Clear Open End Protectors, Clear Hang Hole Protectors, Stand-Up Pouches, CD and DVD Packaging, Packaging Supplies, Poly Mailer Envelopes and more, at a competitive price.

Provide that
Professional "Retail Pack" Appearance and
Beautiful Finished Look that will
Set Your Product apart from the rest. 

  • Acid Free, to protect your Art and Photographic Work.
  • Impress your customers with a unique crystal clear solution, provide 'Retail Pack' appearance and beautiful finished look for your product.
  • Made of Polypropylene (PP), it is an all together different resin than polyethylene (PE or Poly). It is non-porous, super-clear, non-stretching and generally stronger and more rigid than polyethylene. (It is commonly used for packaging foods and displaying merchandise at retail. The bags feel crinkly not soft like sandwich bag.)
  • USPS approved for clear mailers / envelopes
  • FDA/USDA approved for food use.

See All Our Clear Cellophane Resealable Greeting Card Envelopes, Clear Resealable Art and Photograph Protectors, Clear Cellophane Greeting Card Sleeves and Jackets, and Clear Cellophane Open End Protectors 

Stand-Up Pouch Packaging w/ Ziplock

Our stand-up pouches are eye catching o­n the shelf,
provide convenience for merchandizing,
and ease of use by the consumers.
Stand-up pouches have altered the face of consumer packaging
for products such as coffee, cookies, candy, herbs, tea.

See Our Stand-Up Pouch Packaging w/ Ziplock 


A FineArt-World Clear Lid Greeting Card Box is an economical, yet professional way to package and display greeting cards and envelopes. 

We stock huge inventories of the following greeting card boxes:
A6 Greeting Card Boxes: Fits envelopes smaller than 6-9/16" x 4-13/16"
A7 Greeting Card Boxes: Fits envelopes smaller than 7-3/8" x 5-3/8"
A8 Greeting Card Boxes: Fits envelopes smaller than 8-5/8" x 5-5/8"
A10 Greeting Card Boxes: Fits envelopes smaller than 9-5/8" x 6-3/8" 
We do not carry an A2 Greeting Card Box because it’s so close in size to our CARD-A6 Box.  In fact, we use the photograph to the right to illustrate the difference.  The front card box is our CARD-A6 box used to package A2 cards and envelopes.  As you can see, there's just a small space at the top.  
Our Greeting Card Box bottom is white in, white out, and extra sturdy. It's made of clean, white, retail grade cardboard and wrapped in a glamorous white swirl embossed paper. The paper has a special coating to help resist dirt and fingerprints. 

The lid is made of crystal clear vinyl so that your cards can easily be seen while keeping them clean and secure.  Let your beautifual greeting cards sell themselves.  Package them in a FineArt-World Clear Lid Greeting Card Box!

See Our Clear Top Boxes now has a large variety of Card Stock, Paper, and Envelopes for those that demand the highest standards and variety, we have a variety of colors and papers available!

We are currently building our Card Stock and Envelope area of our website!
Please feel free to look and ask questions

See Our Card Stock Here

See Our Envelopes Here

At you will find the perfect Clear Acrylic Counter Top Spinner, Counter Top  Cascade, Counter Top  Print Holder, Counter Top  Shelf, and more to accentuate your product.

Fixtures present merchandise and help it to sell. A well-designed and beautiful fixture enhances the impression a product makes. Simple clean lines and clear acrylic bring the product to the forefront where it can have the most impact. Let us help you create sales.

Besides making a quality product, we offer you the service to back it up. Our one year warranty against breakage is as iron-clad as our dedication to your satisfaction. Creating quality displays for you is our mission.
Making them in the U.S. is also important to us. We use only the highest quality acrylic sheet, and we take great pride in each piece produced. A good design, well made and carefully packed, is what you can expect every single time.

See Our Acrylic Display Systems

Need Banners, Signs, Magnetic Car Signs, etc...  to Advertise your Business or Event?

FineArt Signs uses the highest quality materials, state-of-the-art equipment, with the most professional workmanship available.

We also offer complete Professional Design Services.

FineArt Signs will work with you to create the perfect image for your business or to recreate the perfect image you already have for the signs you don't.
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